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100% Super-Fine Merino Wool – V Neck Sweater (YC248)


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Castle of Ireland’s 100% Super-Fine Merino Wool is the highest quality wool available on the market.

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‘Castle of Ireland’ has introduced modern classic styles like this Flower Design Jumper, while sticking to its traditional roots of using only the highest quality yarns available. Castle Knitwear was founded back in 1934 and to this day continues to be sold by retailers in many countries around the world, and directly from us here in Ireland via our online shop which launched in May 2020.

Product Characteristics

100% Super-Fine Merino Wool
V Neck Sweater
Style Code: YC248

Additional information


Denim, Sea Green, Claret, Violet, Silver, Raspberry


10 (36), 12 (38), 14 (40), 16 (42), 18 (44), 20 (46)

9 reviews for 100% Super-Fine Merino Wool – V Neck Sweater (YC248)

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